2020 May 25 XP Curve Update

Earlier this year we updated XP curve to front-load XP boost for new Players. However, there was an implementation error, resulting in extraneous XP. See the highlighted rows in the table below for the changes.

The XP Curve applies only to 3.0 Events. XP gained from 2.0 Events are unaffected.

In the spirit of fairness, we will recalculate all Characters’ XP. No actions needed from Players’ side. This change will take effect May 25 00.00 PDT.


I like how you updated it with how you were intending it to be i just feel how it was when it was messed up was the better curve and it prolonged it also people may have over spent or something of the like because of the drop. if i had gotten 1 more thin in MI i would have been caused to over spend because of this and this caused me to spend the XP from a game that has not happened yet that was pre awarded.

I’ve been keeping track for my characters and I haven’t seen a xp change yet. Don’t know if its just me though

Old players aren’t affected. When I said old - I mean those who have played significant number of games in 2.0.