A DR Wiki - Your Thoughts?

**Considering putting together a Wiki for DR. If you’re familiar with other LARP org wikis, it would likely be similar with the following “categories” or “Subcategories” (open to ideas!)

-Section for chapter heads to post their chapter’s local writeup, possibly tags for organizations categorized by what chapter they belong to (i.e. your local financial institutions)

-Updates as they are released
-Legacy things
-Section for chapter heads to add local rules and mechanics

Costuming & Genre
-Guides & how-tos (player content)
-Boffer and other physrep legal requirements for play

  • Resource Links
    -Official and unofficial crafter listings

Player Section
-Players can make a profile for their characters with info they want made public
-good way to encourage cross-chapter roleplay and trade

Ideally this project will have levels of edit access for staff and chapters to use vs general players to register. I have previously made a staff only wiki for a chapter that included a lot of data and ways for writers to upload and share their mods, reference historical data and mods from previous games, and keep continuity going across storylines. Also allowed Guides to make updates in real time at game after a mod ran with their notes on the resolution/outcome so the writers had data to run with on followups. This kind of backend can easily be built for any chapter interested in using it.

What are your thoughts? Kyle asked me to post about it to see if other people would:

  1. Use this if it were available in any official capacity
  2. Feel it would be a positive and healthy contribution to the community
  3. Moderate or volunteer to help with either the national build or your local chapter’s representation

Thanks in advance for your input!**


We already have tools for making wikis right here in the forum, we just need humanpower to maintain and moderate them. Let’s pick a very common topic and start writing away? E.g. Lore/Strains/Faiths would be a good start

Like this one?


Yes -ish. But let’s pull it closer with the DR network so that we can have all in one place and moderated for accuracy: https://community.dystopiarisingnetwork.com/c/wikis/26


Also @Morgan_Brown feel free to take a first stab with making the first wiki page on the category linked above. We’ll organize stuffs as we go.

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I think this sounds like a great idea! I know I use wikis for my other hobbies and the idea of having a place with all the chapters story info in one place sounds like a great idea!

I would be interested. Ultimately it depends on how it is implemented, namely moderation restrictions, and ease of use.

@Isiah_Blake & @Tony_Ferrer head over to https://community.dystopiarisingnetwork.com/c/wikis/26 and take the first stab. Write any wiki you would like to. Let this be a test ground. Lmk if there are any permission issues.


I think it would be great to have a resource that allows for easier navigation than the rulebook (wikis with built in links and trees and fully searchable terms are much easier to navigate than the book that is broken into sections that don’t point anywhere else but assume knowledge from elsewhere in said book); I would love for, say, the foraging skill to be listed and include the the relevant text from the item cards section for starters. I’d also love for a skill that references an effect to have that effect described in section as well. The more cohesive each page is about a single topic, the better, imo, with links to the other relevant pages (in this case, items cards and effects pages). I would love, love, love this. Even better if you can make it an official app that can use an offline version if you have no signal to update…A wiki/website is a much better format for complex/layered rules like we have than a book format when an unchanging physical form is no longer a factor.

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@NatsumeRyu Discourse already support offline viewing by default, provided you have visited the particular wiki pages in the past.

See screenshot below (notice airplane mode)

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How do we contribute to this? I’d love to help writing for this.

Go to the Wiki category and start writing away :slight_smile:
Link: https://community.dystopiarisingnetwork.com/c/wikis/26

i would love a wiki category of all the different zeds raiders and creatures as a temp lexicon of them before the official one comes out since its on the backburner

Do it :slight_smile:

Problem is I as an OOG player don’t know most of the types due to waiting for the lexicons lol

How about you write in general descriptions? Like a tank being a big zed that can take hits instead of trying to figure out all the mechanical effects a tank has.

again still dont know alot about those kind of things cause costuming can almost never be exact unless the budget is high and i dont even know all of the zed raiders creatures

In world descriptions of threats and not actual stats please. The last thing I need is a player arguing with me mid mod that a “x” doesn’t have that skill or that much health because they read it on the wiki.
Writers and guides frequently have to make minor changes to that stuff to balance encounters and I don’t need players thinking I’m trying to cheat them.


Title: Name of Creature
Encounters: Write what your character has seen this creature do. “Tanks are basically big shamblers with extra reach. Gotta be careful cause sometimes they break shit”


The point of having a wiki is that it’s a community effort. It’s not a one-person project that’s done overnight. Wiki evolves over time. Tens or hundreds of people contribute collaboratively to the content. The first version can really just be a list with nothing else included. See the first wiki page contributed by @Morgan_Brown Lineages & Strains

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