Any update on the reroll?

Hey so i was just coming here to see if anyone has further info about the reroll we are getting by the end of march. like what major changes will allow this? Could we have a better time frame on when to expect it? and just in general are there any restrictions for this reroll like no swapping builds around no swapping strains so on so forth. thanks for taking time to read and possibly reply to this.

Bump? Still curious bout this.

This is what I was going on for timing of it and why I posted it in this area

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Paging @BigKyle

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Bump? any updates?

Our apologies we’re busy setting up Virtual event guidelines. @BigKyle will get back to you once he got some breathing room.

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I am 98% certain that the rerolls will come with the updates to the rulebook.

Tomorrow. I hope.

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22 days ago…

I assume the re-rolls are on hold while people are trying to survive the coronavirus. @BigKyle I suspect people understand that things change, but if we could get verification that a reroll opportunity will be coming when things get live again, that would be very reassuring.

I hit a giant wall of anxiety combined with work crunch and I’ve fallen behind on a pile of things.

No excuses, working on these now.


im sorry if im being annoying with this im just wondering if we have a time frame for when the update is now expected to be released
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Hey I’m just checking in again

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With the update to the book being released when should we expect a reroll?