Attending Virtual Events

I know originally that the decision was to limit virtual attendance just like physical attendance (non-attending allowed for home games and attendance for a single virtual game over the weekend).

Is this still the case?

You can attended as many virtual events in the same weekend you want to my knowledge from what staff has been saying

Slight correction:
You can buy as many virtual events as you want, but you can only attend ONE virtual event in a weekend. So if FL and GA runs at the same weekend for example, you can get XP for both, but you can only be present at one.


Is there an official update on this? Kyle’s post from the 30th states that you can participate in as many virtual events as you’d like.

I got an answer directly from Kyle saying you can only attend one event a weekend, though you can buy into as many as you want non attending.

inb4 someone buys into every event across the network, each weekend.

We have weekly report that tracks purchases to monitor abuse.

I thought buying into multiple games was fine, as long as you only played one? On the “right now chapters need support” theory.

Buying multiple games is fine – within moderation. If one buys all games, that person will end up in our naughty list really fast.

I dont know anyone with that type of capital right now to buy every game in the month. Thats rent or a mortgage payment.

@David_Eberhart O boy, you’re in for a big surprise :wink:

The amount of money some people are able to spend on DR is almost comical.