Avontuur and Goat Cycle

The text of the PFA says: “Receive 1 randomized armor, shield, or brew.” Does that mean you are randomly assigned one of those three categories and then get a random one from within that category? Or do you choose a category, then get a random one from that category? So like, you walk up to the post office with your Goat Cycle and say, “I’m an Avontuur. Lemme get a random shield this trade, and next month it’ll be a random brew.”

It can kinda be interpreted either way.

It is intended to be a random item from all of that, not a player choice.


How we’ve played it from the start of 3.0 in the NE.


Thanks. And if you get a brew, is it default to one serving of the brew? Or the craft level servings of the brew? For example, a Master Crafting of strain-specific intoxication brew is 8 servings.

1 single solitary lonely brew. Potentially sad that it has no friends and was left on the side of the road, but I’ll leave the emotions of the brew up to you.

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“Congratulations, you’ve pulled one Generic Brew. That’ll be one Resolve.”

Yes. Also, congrats you pulled a Master Armor