Basic Poison Vial: 1 or more active weapons?

Can the basic poison vial from basic criminal buy list be active on more than 1 weapon at a time?

Simple example: coating both florentine weapons so to deal “10 aberrant bane” twice without having to pause as an opener in a fight.

Extreme example: pre-coating multiple melee physreps so you could quickswap between them, inflicting multiple “10 aberrant bane” strikes with the only pausing being that you must swap between them OOG.

In other words, is the basic poison vial a player-bound reload after 1 strike much like how firearms have a player-bound reload after 6 shots?

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No, its a single use.

1 Vial get you one strike on one weapon, if you wanted to coat both your flo weapons, you would need 2 vials

Your extreme example again is fine, so long as you use a vial on each weapon