Burst Damage Reduction

The Lexicon states that burst damage still has its full effect on a target with either form of Ranged Reduction. However, burst damage is not a clearly defined term.

The extremes are obvious, a ranged attack’s base 5 damage is not burst damage.
The Proficient, Master, and PFA abilities that most ranged weapons have, which deal a single instance of a large amount of damage, are presumably burst damage.
But there are some middle grounds that are a little more ambiguous.

The PFA ability of the Glitter Gulch Shotgun allows four allies to fire four 10 damage shots. Since this enhances multiple attacks in a row, is it still burst damage?
The Candlepin Flame-Blecher’s Basic ability allows it to fire for a limited period of time, is that burst damage?
The Proficient ability allows it to fire for a fixed number of shots, is that burst damage?
The Master ability allows it to fire for a fixed number of shots, and deals more damage than the base damage of most ranged weapons, is that burst damage?
If an ability increased the base damage of your ranged attacks for a fixed period of time, so that you called 10s without the expenditure of Mind or any other resource, is that burst damage?

Or is this something there is no guidance on, and should be exclusively handled on a local game level?

First, every question should always be asked at the local level because what is said here may differ from what is said there, and they run your game.

Second, generally speaking, if you are spending mind to do extra damage, that is considered burst.

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It looks like we may be able to get some of that wording fixed. Probably over the weekend.