Concerns about the rewrite deadline

I’m concerned currently about the rewrite deadline coming before the release of the update to the print book. I’ve generally said that about 1/3 of the rules to this game are written on prints. Most notably, all of the abilities of PFA’s are print related, and so changes to prints can make a given PFA required or useless. But more than that changes to prints make specific skills more or less useful. As a performer, when the Dive Bar came out, it became imperative that I get social influence, so I could take advantage of that.

So I’m asking, will there be another rewrite after the prints are announced, or at least one that covers affected PFA’s and skills, or can we extend the rewrite deadline until after the prints are released?

To be clear, if the answer is no in both cases I can still suck it up and enjoy the game, but I’d like the decision here to be deliberate.


I thought I replied to this previously…

I plan on any major changes to skills to be allowing rewrites FOR THAT ASPECT OF THE CHARACTER SHEET.

I plan on major changes to the current prints that are out, to also allow a rewrite for those items.

However… new prints that will be coming out will not be given rewrites for.

Rewrites for changes and tweaks will be for those with that skill that want out of it.

Apologies on the several month late response. :slight_smile:

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