GL Bioform Destabalizer unavoidable?

The Green Light Bioform Destabalizer’s Basic mechanics as per the item database read as follows:

Requires Basic Biogenetics to use. Spend 10 Mind to throw a psionic packet and call "5 Radiation damage.

That is not specifically a psionic ability or a “Psionic Attack” such as with Basic Telekinetics or Basic Pyrokinetics, so it shouldn’t be resisted by the Mental Endurance skill, right? It is also not a melee or ranged strike, so it shouldn’t be avoided by Avoid, right? Does this mean that the Basic mechanics of the Destabilizer can only be resisted via Mutant Immune System to ignore radiation?

Or is it intended to be a Psionic Attack?

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It’s a psionic attack, the verbage is simplified so life is easier for your logistics guides.
The call should probably be updated to say “Psionic, 5 Radiation damage” to indicate that mental endurance is the proper defense.