Goat Rough Cycle - Avontuur Skill

Is this Armor/Shield/Brew assumed to be basic level?

Id roll a d6 for any of them. 1-2 is basic, 3-4 is proficient, 5-6 is master.

Sure, I can come up with a method to do that if that’s what the skill intends. But it’s not clear if that’s what it requires.

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I mean it does say random, so shrug? Gut feeling? Local decision?

Economy moves between chapters, so I would like to see this standardized. Local chapters can then use local cards if they want to do it differently.

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Agreed. @Jeff_Thelen or @Max_Capacity any indication as to the intended scope for this skill?

Kyle wanted a new randomizer made for the items that require it. I do not know where it is in process.

@BigKyle what say you, randomize all levels or just give a random basic item?

It is intended - as currently written - to be any level potentially.

Last I heard, @gloria was working on a new list?