Items Not Received From Ottoman's Play-From-Home


I know I’m not the only person having this problem right now, but I’m going to be proactive and post this thread so that others can chime in if they need to! A number of players, including me, who participated in Dr. Ottoman’s Play-From-Home experience were told that we would receive physical items/prints/loot when we “next checked in” to our home game, and that the items we were meant to receive would be listed as a note in the database. My local (FL) logistics team do not see any such notes on my and other players’ database profiles to receive those items. The corresponding text channels in the official National Discord have also now been deleted, so I cannot go back to accurately reference the items I received, although I can abide by the honor system and do my best to accurately relay what my character is owed.

Help in this would be appreciated! <3

EDIT: I also hope this landed in the right forum because, technically, Kyle DID say that this is how it would work. Team Drift Rules

Same and its not in the notes or anything.

If you scroll to the bottom of your character sheet in the AP their should be a section for notes. That is where my virtual loot was listed. I still have not been able to physically pick it up but their is a record. Hope that helps, as it is easy to miss.

There is nothing there on the database or character card when printed out.

@David_Eberhart That was me that put that on DRGA players sheets for loot and consequences to be distributed through post. Each chapter had a different way.
@Jonathan_Schneider - I took liberty to talk to your chapter and share. :slight_smile:

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Thank you; Team Georgia leading the way!!!

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LOL - Awww shucks.
I don’t know about leading. I just make it up as I go along and hope it works LOL. It is good to be appreciated. Thanks!

Yep yep! I am working on getting them all put in the database now.


email me at and your branch logistics coordinator with the stuff you earned online at Ottomans and we will get it all figured out. :slight_smile:

Took me two whole months to get around to looking at this again; I will email with what I can manage to remember that I earned, but even at the time of posting this thread, I did not have an exact memory of what I had earned, nor did I write it down, because it had been communicated at the time that it was being written down somewhere on the other end of the process. Obviously, mistakes happen. But I will look through my messages sent and received during Ottoman’s to see if I can find the exact names of what was earned.

Update: I’m still missing my CAPS and other Guide rewards for Res. Kyle said he would add them to my notes but I don’t have anything on the database currently. Thank you!

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DM me what was missing.