Knockback and other skills

Can you use skills while under the effects of knockback?
For instance a big ole scary Nemesis slaps me in the face for a knockback 20. (Just making stuff up here)
I take the knockback and while im being knockbacked another Nemesis lets say Chucky runs up and trys to break my shield. Could I avoid that call or is like being stunned while you are being knocked back?

There isn’t anything in the book that specifies the way it works. So, here is how I would rule it. You can continue to use defensive skills, but you would be unable to attack or use offensive skills until your steps are completed. So, avoid is great, but takedown is out.


Just echoing Jeff’s statement, thats how I’d run it at NY


Given that there’s no listed mechanics for Knockback, can we get a suggested ruling on how to land a Knockback? Can I hit their shield/weapon/zombie claw and send them back? Does it have to be torso? Can I hit “legal striking area” a la page 158?