Lore changes/retconning

Kyle said…

Per a comment on a FB thread that he’d like someone to start a thread on 2.0 to 3.0 changes so he can reference/check the explanations for it.

Here’s mine, comment copied from FB:

The lascie origins retcon is the one that bugged me the most.

We had a whole lore book talking about mutations involving a sunlight allergy and evolution in the dark, vs one line about semper ancestry in another book?

That said, it’s just something my character refuses to acknowledge and doesn’t effect my gameplay much overall so I ignore it too.

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The full transparency answer is because the old lore does not match the direction the game world is going with the new edition, content, or narrative for Dystopia Rising Evolution written by Onyx Path.

Dystopia Rising Evolution, the new edition of DR, is not a 100% carbon copy of the original game world written originally in 2005 to 2008. Changes were made for better story, to adjust the content for sensitivity review (since what seemed to be progressive in 2007 doesn’t match the tools and focus we have now), and to create the new direction for the game in a way that supports both the tabletop and larp fans. Many of the DR larpers see DR as just a LARP IP, but over the years it has been graphic novels, novels, apps, movie scripts, and non-green lighted video games. So while a ton of consideration was given to the fans of the DR larp, not every decision was based on the larp history. There was enough change that we even put a time-jump in the larp timeline to allow a clean slate without breaking all prior ties.

DR is a lot better now that Dystopia Rising has the budget, writers, artists, editors, and the resources that Onyx Path put into it. The original publications for DR and the design of how it all fit together was created as a pet project and paid for out of pocket. Heck, the publication company that originally was licensed rights to the DR tabletop for TTRPG publication does not even exist anymore. With the design for community development, fan based publication, and growing source this foundation is better than what I cobbled together forever ago for DR.

I appreciate that you liked the Lascarian origin story that I wrote, even though I contradicted it either two or three times in the other books. But that is what happens when the lion’s share of the writing (and all the development lead, working with artists, and towards the end layout) is being done by one person as a side thing.

As for your character ignoring it… feel free to. It’s literally the back-history theory of the genesis of an entire species in a game world where technology is in the fuzzy region of the early industrial revolution. On a meta-level your character will be wrong, but it shouldn’t matter in the modern day DR game.