Minimum Time To Cook Using Prep Station

When using the prep station to cook a meal and splitting the time costs between people, what is the minimum amount of time someone can have while crafting the meal? Can it be 10 seconds or is it a an equal split of time? Do both participants stay at the crafting area? What if someone leaves the area/crafting table? Can the master chef just touch the table with another cook and then have the basic culinary spend the time to the cook?

Is it tandem time splitting or is sequential? Can I start the meal and do 5 mins of crafting time and then the other person start and finish afterwards? Or do we start at the same time?

bump any clarity yet?

Working together on the same project. It is done together at one time.


That ruling makes a lot of sense from a design perspective.
It is really confusing based off the wording of the Prep Station, though.
The database says that “the time, Mind, and Resolve costs of creating the meal can be split between the two characters however they wish.”
Is that going to be updated to remove the mention of time being divided however you wish?

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I would interpret it, and I’ve seen it interpreted as: both characters involved begin at the same time, but if one finishes/leaves, the other must complete the total cooking time.

So if a master cook starts something that takes 20 minutes with the help of a basic level cook, and the master leaves after 5 minutes, the basic stays for another 10. So, with [simultaneous master 5 min + basic 5 min] + basic 10 min, the full 20 is accounted for.

I interpret that as the point of the print: a way for higher level cooks to jump-start recipes and allow lower-level cooks to help shoulder the time cost.


Now that two employees from two different chapters have answered. Did you ask your local game runner how they are running it?

For a national game, rules questions always seem to revert to ask local. I’m sorry if asking for a unified ruling was out of place.

You can ask for a unified ruling, but due to the way our game is set up, you won’t get one for a lot of things. Every question that gets asked that I answer, I can only answer for 3 locations (though I can direct people to the book, the lexicon, the errata, or give the intent behind a decision). The Colorado game, the Connecticut game, and National events (though, I tend not to interfere with the rulings made by the chapters running them). I always add to every answer I give to “ask your local game runners” because they are the ones who have the final say at your game.

Are we a national game? Absolutely.

Is your local game in charge of your local experience? Absolutely.