Miss Anthrope’s Blade: “Unfixable” Definition?

Without spoiling too much, what defines an “Unfixable” limb? Does this mean just proficient medical won’t work or will Free Radical, Pernicious Savior, and Evolved not work either? What about for stabilizing one’s limbs with proficient/master biogenetics?

Unfixable means that if the limb is Mangled, you can’t fix it with anything, it remains mangled. If you prevent the mangle or resist, you are fine.

So all of the above would no longer work for 1 hour?

The Evolved Advantage is called immediately as a No effect.
The PFA on the Steelpaw fixes a limb.
The PFA on the Crystodyn Regalia would heal (read fix) a limb.

And what about the stabilize limb skills on the biodestabilizer?

Does it heal the limb AFTER the mangle or does it prevent the mangle?

Well I guess it’s fixed albeit temporarily.

Are you saying that one of the primary incentives to go aberrant (i.e. a workaround for mangles) is now effectively moot because of a passive sword skill? It feels like newly created murder hobos can craft two of these and kill a much older PC, no questions asked.

The Green Light Bioform Destabilizer Proficient and Master abilities allows you to ignore the effects of mangled limbs, it doesn’t have any effect on if the limb is mangled or not. RAW it would still work, as the item does nothing to ‘fix’ the limb, it just changes how you as a character interact with the ‘Mangled’ status, which remain on those limbs.


these blades last a year (most other weapons last 3), require an extremely limited national resource that can not be given out at local games(the most limited resource to date), requires murder inc society to craft and criminal in order to use. This weapon can’t take augments.

You would need a proficient level skill locked behind 50 build, and then to land the mangle from behind so it can’t be avoided, and the player you hit would need to not have the ability to resist the initial mangle, enough mind to mangle multiple times.

This doesnt account for the player you are going after, in your example a much older PC, from doing anything or having gear etc

Thats a lot more than most weapons and a very specific situation you need to get into, and to be able to mangle enough limbs to fully remove them from a fight.

Realistically, if you want to kill a much older PC, normally a well planned attack would involve mangles form behind, its not that common to be able to fix your own mangles mid fight. if you do, you’re still out numbered and they planned to fight where you probably didnt. I don’t think this weapon really tips a power scale given the above


While I personally have some problems with some of the items that came out, I don’t think letting low build characters feel powerful should ever be one. That was one of the major design goals of 3.0, narrowing the colossal gap between low and high build characters. Even old Vets should have to worry about a well placed plan, no one is untouchable in the wastes.


Well the festering crystal isn’t necessary for the proficient florentine skill.

I see all your points, but this prevents a targeted character from fixing their limbs so they can never here. This feels like a shortcut for making sure a character doesn’t escape that makes The Moulen Rude and anomaly skills like the biogenetics tree / Pernicious Savior kind of pointless.

Are you saying this requires Proficient Florentine, Proficient Malicious, AND Proficient Criminal to use the skill?

I believe so. Yes.

While some of the items have Criminal Influence and/or society memberships listed as a requisite for use, the Miss Anthrope’s Blade does not, at least as of yet.

It does require both Florentine and Criminal Influence to use.

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Does this mean that all of the prints are going to require criminal influence even if it isn’t currently listed on the blueprints? If so, will this be updated onto all of them for ease of understanding?

Only 2 of the items were missing the Criminal influence requirement. I am just waiting on an upload to the database.


Follow-up question for everyone here: is one allowed to shorten the mangle calls for speed’s sake?

For example: “Mangle mangle mangle mangle, unfixable 1 hour.”

^^^ The situation I fear would down any character on a BTK level is this right here.

Nope, but with 8 characters.

Question: does zero second bleedout interact with a Striker’s Coat at all?