(Official) Augment Questions Thread

For the Overlord’s Visage augment, isn’t Overlord’s Faceplate supposed to be Warlord’s Faceplate?

Yes, it is. I’ll get that fixed tonight!

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For the Collection of Heads augment for the Trophy Room, it lists a special optional resource “Long Pork”, what is that?

Hmmm… that should say Long Pig. It’s something produced by a Murder Inc item.

How long does the “no stealth” effect from the “Perfectly Safe” Radium Rounds last?

Downsurge last 1 hour or until you receive another Downsurge.

Okay here’s a few.

First: For both the Glowing Green Cannister and the Greenlight Hazardous Core – The augments state “The wielder”. If an item augmented with one of these is broken while it is not being used does the affect still happen? For example, If someone was storing an augmented cleaver in a locked box, and the locked box was broken, would the effect still occur.

For absurdities sake – if the answer to the above question is yes, would it be possible to put, say, 50 carded and physrepped cleavers in a locked box and then break it to create a radiation nuke? (Obviously a chapter can still say no to this but I’m looking for the RAI of it)

Two: In 2.0, the Nail skill carried over damage of a thrown weapon or bow, is this no longer the case in 3.0?

Third: For the blunt tipped arrowheads, is the line of sight call considered a Ranged Attack that can be avoided?

  1. They need to be wielded for the effect to go off.
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  1. Errata & FAQ — Dystopia Rising
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“Wielded” does not include just having the physrep on their person, right? It means they need to actively be holding it?

Does the Steelpaw Shield’s Master effect ("“Self immune to all Anomaly skills 1 minute”) make the user immune to the Feedback Loop Generator’s “Area of Effect: Psionic: Agony”?

What is the Surgical Suite referenced in the Comfortable Craniotomy Chair print?

Not a current print.

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The text on the Incineration Engine specifies the user is hurt by unspent free uses if it is broken by damage, which could imply that Break Armor would not mean the unspent free uses burn the user. Is this intended, or do all methods of the armor breaking/dropping to zero armor points burn the user if they have unspent free charges?

Is the Hold-The-Door Extender meant to be able to counter going out of game for proficient and master enhanced movement? Does it depend on if you could see them when they made the call? Say someone is hiding behind a tree and you spot them and they call enhanced movement could you then negate it? What if you couldn’t spot them right away, but can now that they spoke out loud? I’m trying to get the intent down. Is it just meant to counter running away?

Line of sight requires you to be able to see them. In order to activate most of Enhanced Movement requires you to be behind cover and thus be unseen.

It would prevent the Escape/Rescue portion of Basic Enhanced Movement. That’s it.

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If the text said “Respond to a use of Enhanced Movement Initiated within Line of Sight” that would be much clearer.

Perhaps a clarifier for basic enhanced movements “Carrying” portion as well since the Extender does not lock the stealth portion like Awareness does under the current text.

Considering you can’t initiate Enhanced Movement, with the exception of the escape/rescue portion of Basic Enhanced Movement, within Line of Sight, adding the additional word would be redundant.

The only exception I can think of here would be the Miss Anthrope’s Blade Master ability

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You right. :smiley: