(Official) Augment Questions Thread


Q: Do Augments count as Gizmos?
A: No, they are a distinct type of item. The seasonal prints are up for review, and will be brought in line language-wise after the review.

Q: Are Room Augments also Augments?
A: No. We’re sorry for the confusion. They can be augmented as usual, by Augment-Room keyworded Augments.

Q: For the Overlord’s Visage augment, isn’t Overlord’s Faceplate supposed to be Warlord’s Faceplate?
A: Yes, that’s a typo. We’re fixing it!

Q: What is ‘Long Pork/Long Pig’?
A: There is a print that can create it. If you haven’t seen it, you’re probably living a healthier lifestyle than those who have.

Q: How long does a Downsurge last?
A: One hour or until you receive another Downsurge. Most such definitions can be found in the Lexicon: Lexicon — Dystopia Rising

Q: -Various questions about the Glowing Green Canister-
A: An item cannot be activated without someone activating it. For a weapon, this requires it to be held in hand.

Q: Does Nail carry over the damage from the weapon?
A: No, Nail is a separate effect in 3.0.

Q: Does the Steelpaw Shield’s Master effect ("“Self immune to all Anomaly skills 1 minute”) make the user immune to the Feedback Loop Generator’s “Area of Effect: Psionic: Agony”?
A: Yes. We will be updating the Steelpaw Shield print to fit current language.

Q: What is the Surgical Suite referenced in the Comfortable Craniotomy Chair print?
A: https://tenor.com/boKZJ.gif

Q: The text on the Incineration Engine specifies the user is hurt by unspent free uses if it is broken by damage, which could imply that Break Armor would not mean the unspent free uses burn the user. Is this intended, or do all methods of the armor breaking/dropping to zero armor points burn the user if they have unspent free charges?
A: All methods of breaking it will work. We will clarify on the print.

Q: How does the Hold-The-Door Extender work?
A: If the user of Enhanced Movement activates the skill in Line of Sight or moves into Line of Sight, they may activate the ability to counter it. We’ll edit the print for clarity.

Proficient and Master Enhanced Movement start behind cover (not LOS) and move with the out of character symbol (not LOS). The exception to this would be Miss Anthrope’s blade which would allow a player to activate Master Enhanced Movement from plan view, which could be countered.

Q: Does the Armor Point decrease from the Incineration Engine reduce coverage?
A: Yes, so long as the phys rep requirements of the Incineration Engine are still upheld.


The errata mentions that augments cannot activate other augments. A question was brought up on our discord I want to make sure is properly being understood.

Let’s say you have the go-with-the-flo, basket case hilt, and counterbalance rigging augments and all the appropriate skills to use them. If you spend 5 mind to activate your proficient ability on your Florentine weapon. You then wait 10 seconds and activate the go-with-the-flo Avoid. Can you then wait another 10 seconds and still receive the discount on a second Avoid with the basket case hilt? And then wait another 10 seconds and receive the discount for counterbalance rigging on a use of Balance?

No. That’s what this says you cannot do.

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Awesome, thank you.

For the Toothpiq Pigsticker Barbs the PDF file says that you can activate nail for 10 mind, and the database says you can activate nail for 5 mind. I’m fine either way, but am curious which one is correct.

The PDF was the original files.

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Sorry. I even read that and should have remembered it.

One more question. Is there a suggested way we add barbs and hooks to a thrown weapon and still have them pass safety check? Paint them/draw them on maybe?

That would be something you’d want to talk to your local game about.

Typo in LIT on The Overlook Special:

You haven’t seen the Heavycraf Aze? You’re missing out!


I haven’t had time to look at dat aze yet, no. :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like the pdf says the Glowing Green Cannister does 10 Radiation, while LIT says it does 15 damage. Go with the pdf?

If you scroll up you will find your answer.

Typo in LIT on:
the Heavycraf Chainaxe
Balboa Glove Liners
Crusader’s Carvings
Firestarter Paradigm Grips
Up-My-Sleeve Palming Pocket

This thread’s for questions - please send minor typos like that directly to us!

jeff@dystopiarising.com - database typos
dahl@dystopiarising.com - blueprint typos

Steelpaw Finger Mitts is correct.

Ah, you may want to edit the original post then. I was going to ask where to put typos initially but my research led me to put them here based on this statement:

Ah, then these are the LIT typos:

Any future typos I find I’ll direct to the appropriate email.

Ahh! Thank you. I was staring back and forth between the blueprint, the google sheet for the database, and your post trying to figure out what I was missing.

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Steelpaw Anomaly Absorbers
" While bearing this shield on their person, the wielder gains the Aberrant keyword even if they do not possess any Anomaly skills."

Can one use the Crystal Candy nucleation to someone wielding the shield, if they have no aberrant skills?

While I can’t answer officially I’m going to say no. This idea goes very much against the spirit of the item and the procedure.

The item is psionicly active which is why you have the vulnerability of being considered aberrant.

The procedure uses the crystalline material in a aberrant brain to create the crystal candy.

You don’t suddenly manifest that material in your brain any time you pick up the shield.