Ottoman's ABC Value

In a Facebook comment at the time of Resurrection, it was clarified by either Steve Meyer or Kyle that ABCs could be used to replace any 3 components in crafting, including crafted component gizmos like Mechanical Drives, or Mechanical Auto Frames. People were so hype, because of the value this currency represented, and how it could allow them easier access to super expensive rides.

Lately I’ve been informed that the above information isn’t accurate. Can we get a written, present-day clarification on the ABC’s value? If the value has changed, can you provide some transparency as why that decision was made?

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I’m the one who made the call at the game you were at, because when the item was first explained to me my understanding was different from the one you had. I then had a conversation with Kyle because the value was VASTLY different than my understanding. I also never saw said clarification or I would have brought up my concerns much earlier.

Its a conversation I am sure Kyle and I will continue to have after the event is over.

Hey, thanks again for following up, I appreciate how you handled it. I figured doing my due diligence to source a written clarification in public from the most official source we have available would help everyone going forward.

I also heard they could be used to acquire a conversation with Ottoman at any National Event. True/False?

That is True the last time I checked. Assuming Ottoman is at said National Event.

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Did we ever get a formal official ruling on what these do? :slight_smile:

Bumping for a response. Because I’ve heard the components part, as well as the face time with Doctor Ottoman.

I heard; it was for any one component, a meeting with ottoman, or a booste to research. Has clear guidance been given for these. With the greenhouse coming up I know people may want to spend the ABC to help unlock content.

The value of an ABC is as follows:

1 crafted component (an item that has no other function then to be a piece crafted together from raw materials to be crafted into another item… like… an engine… )
3 of any single non region specific material
Meeting with Ottoman (translates to national event use / premeire game event use)
Boost to research (locally defined by each chapter)

This currency is to represent the elite favor of the mad masterminds of technology, from both the research and crafting side of things.

Apologies for the super late reply on this…


The below link says that, when available, National Currencies can be purchased with CAPs at National and Premier events. Can we get a heads up about which events they’ll be available at? Maybe also the CAP cost for an ABC? I’ve been trying to track these things down since I heard of them and can’t seem to make any progress.

When available. Not every event will have this option. The recommendation is to email the event staff for that event to inquire if currency is available.