Overpower and Scatter Shot

The Overpower tag is a great addition to Two-Handers to make them a viable alternative to Florentine, but I do have a question:

If one delivers a Scatter Shot effect via the Proficient Combat Tactics skill, how does this combine with Overpower should more than one target call a defensive skill to prevent it?

Can the 2-Hand wielder overpower one of them? All of them? None of them? If so, does it cost 1 Mind to Overpower for any/all of them, or 1 Mind per Overpower target?

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You would spend the mind for each person who defended against the skill separately.

Example: you scatter shot 5 targets, and 3 use avoid.

You could spend 1 mind per each of them to use overpower, so 3 mind total


Thank you!

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