Prof Moulen Rouge Camo

The RAW says “When using Disguise with Proficient Stealth, spend 5 additional Mind to use the skill for a full hour instead of 30 minutes.” The 5 additional mind means (to me) spending 10 mind for 1 hour, which is the same cost as the normal skill use. Is this supposed to be “spend 5 mind” or some similar wording, or am I misunderstanding something?

…Huh. Good catch.

The Item would matter a lot more if Prof Stealth didn’t already let you renew the Disguise effect at the end of the 30 minutes.

I’m glad the renew is possible, I think the item (if my assumption of intent is correct, and also how I think it was originally written) already matters a ton because 5 mind can sometimes make a pretty big difference, especially if someone is trying to get in a fight while disguised.

There was a slight editing error, where it was supposed to be 5 Mind for 1 hour, not 10 Mind for 1 hour. We have reviewed the print and we are not only correcting it, but making it even better! We will have the update out shortly.



Updated “Moulen Rouge Camouflage” print (Gizmos) - Proficient ability is now: Requires Proficient Stealth to use. When using Disguise with Proficient Stealth, reduce expenditure to 1 Mind and the skill is active for a full hour instead of 30 minutes. Also switched ‘plastic’ to ‘basic herb’ in the crafting cost of the Basic level.


The proficient change made it into the items DB. Material change didn’t. I’m ok with that, just thought you’d want to know.

This proficient level makes much more sense.

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I will double check my sheet and then talk with Gloria. Thanks!