Targeting Gizmos with Larceny

Which of the following scenarios allow a gizmo to be targeted with larceny

  1. The gizmo requires a worn phys rep (such as goggles). Is it possible to pick pocket combat goggles off of a player’s head?

  2. The gizmo attaches to a worn item but has no phys rep once attached (such as an augment). The worn item can’t be stolen (weapon / armor). It it possible to lift Shredzilla Grind Gears from the weapon they enhance?

  3. The gizmo replaces a worn item (such as a supply bag). Is it possible to steal the actual freeiron dry bag gizmo leaving behind the bag’s contents?

For reference, larceny reads as follows:

  1. Certain non-obvious phys-reped items can be pick pocketed, a watch can be slipped off a wrist for example. However take realism into effect. You could not steal the glasses out from in front of someone’s eyes. If the goggles were loosely placed on top of a hat for example could be understandable. In general consider the realism of the act of it it would be feasible.

  2. Augments become an integral part of an item; you could not take the chainsaw off of a sword without taking the actual sword.

  3. Supply bags are not able to be physically taken like this, if the gizmo is the supply bag, you thus cannot take the gizmo.

If something seems beyond the ability of what someone could reasonably do, it’s likely not possible. If an item is in doubt, ask your local game runners if it seems reasonable and legal to them.