Toothpiq Throwing Spike PFA

Visual Description
A small explosive that does no damage but fills the air with crystal particles making sentient creatures glow.

Achievement Mechanics
“Death Chuckah: Spend 1 Resolve to call ‘Line of Sight’ to three targets within 10 feet of each other with your next ranged strike, with the same call as that strike. May be combined with other skill effects.”

Willing to bet I’m not the only person confused by this. I’m getting the impression I don’t actually throw a phys rep for the Throwing Spike, but instead just note that I spent a Resolve, activate ANY ranged strike from any other skill, and then get 3 more of that ranged strike skill on 3 more folk. Does that sound right?

Yes, you spend the Resolve and then point at 3 people within 10 feet of each other and call Skills/Damage with the Toothpiq Throwing Spike

Example time! Spend 1 Resolve, spend 5 Mind for Break on their shield, and point at 3 people and call Break Shield.

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On that point, I think the visual description is for the temple room checker. The previous description for the weapon was “A long spike used for piercing an opponent from a distance.”

That should have been fixed last night with a database push, but I’ll double check.

EDIT: Nope, gonna have to make another edit and figure out why the Toothpiq wants to be the Room Checker so bad…