A Quick Word

A Quick Word - Dystopia Rising LARPS

A Quick Word

Hey everyone! We wanted to take a minute to address some discussion that’s been going on in the community.

To answer the main question that people have, yes- we’ve been discussing a ticket price increase with the chapter owners over the past few months.

Due to an honest miscommunication, some info about this conversation was released sooner than intended. We’re still a few weeks out from an official announcement with all the details, and we don’t want to rush that out. We’re still hearing feedback from owners across the network, and addressing their concerns before the new policies are finalized and the announcement published. So while we know it can be frustrating to wait to hear all the details of something like this, we hope you can bear with us while we make sure we get this right.

While we’re here, we also wanted to say a brief word about why we’re discussing a price increase in the first place since we know this is a sensitive topic. The main reason is pretty mundane- site prices have skyrocketed since before the pandemic, and it’s put a lot of strain on many chapters. We’ll talk a little more about this in the official announcement, but that’s about the size of it.

Thank you for reading! We’ll catch you all in a few weeks.