Attending an Online Event

Hello, I was wondering if online events were worth attending and if anyone has had personal experiences with them. My home branch is New Jersey, and they will be having one soon and I am debating on attending. Thanks so much for everyone’s time.

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Much like live games, everyone’s online event differs, because different people value different things. Whether or not you find it worth will be depending on you and which game you are attending, and how those values match.

I just finished attending a different branch’s online game this weekend. It was personally well worth it for me - I had several deep rp moments with people outside of mods, as well as some good stories and experiences on a couple mods. In addition, I got to use a good plethora of my character’s kit throughout the weekend, and they learned some skills they’d been chasing.

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I’ve had a lot fun at online games this year.

It’s been a great way to find out a lot about local lore, get to know players from across the network, and it’s been (for me) a good way to learn the resource/production side of 3.0. I’ve had great RP scenes in discord chats, dived into the mortis with Roll20, ‘traveled’ caravan lines in theater of the mind mods, and even gone foraging with an 8-bit version of my retro. I’ll say that even more than in person games, your experience at an online game comes down to how much you want to opt in.

Taking a little time before signing up to look into how your local games runs will be very helpful for your first online game. Each chapter handles them slightly differently.

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