When I use “That Cursed Pitchfork” to make “Herb : Bloodroot” with it’s proficient ability,
It also states that “Herb : Bloodroot” counts as “10 Basic or Uncommon Herb”

In the Item DB, for Basic Herb, a source is “Bloodroot → 10 Basic Herb (Produced 10 stacks)”

A : Does that mean, that when I get 1 Bloodroot, I can later turn it in for 10 Basic or Uncommon Herbs?
A2: If so, Can i make 5 and 5, or does all 10 need to be the same type?
A3: Do the new herbs share the same expiration date?

B : Does it mean that when I use a recipie that uses Basic and/or Uncommon Herb, I can substitute 1 Bloodroot card for up to 10 of that Herb?
B2 : If so, can I use it in a recipie that calls for say, 3 Basic Herb and 3 Uncommon Herb (cause i’m making it at a higher level)
B3 : If so, can I use it with the augment that lets me cook/brew 2 things at the same time, and that 1 Bloodroot can be 3 of the Herbs from brew A, and 3 from brew B?