Blueprint Catalog 9.23.2021

Hello everyone!

I have an announcement for you all tonight, regarding something we’ve been working hard on over the past weeks. It’s something I mentioned briefly several months back, and now it’s nearing the finish line: The blueprint rework. This rework is coming, essentially, in 3 parts: The existing blueprint edits, the addition of Augments, and the addition of new blueprints- including a new type of print, called Benedictions.

The first of these parts, the edits to existing prints, are ready to go and can be viewed below! These edits affect just about everything- some are small, like grammar and language adjustments. Some are cost adjustments, or other minor changes. Some are full overhauls of an item’s mechanics. These edits have taken a lot into account, from clarity of language, to flavor, overall game balance. Additionally, we’ve made some changes to the naming conventions. Up until now, each item has had a different name at each level. This got pretty unwieldy, with multiple different names for every single print. Now, we’re adopting a system of prefixes to identify the level of each item. There will be three new possible prefixes for each level, for a total of nine. And each “set” of these prefixes will correspond to different types of items. Here’s a handy reference chart.

It reads all the way across- for example, the prefixes Patchwork, Hardened, and Forged are used to refer to Armor, Shields, and Room Augments. The existing prefixes and suffixes for meals, brews, and injectables are remaining the same.

You can view the full list of edited blueprints here! These new items are also now live on the database, which is where you can view any cost adjustments. Head over to to check them out.

And now, for the upcoming stuff.

Some of you may have had the chance to test some new items, called Augments, at your local events. Augments, simply put, are blueprints for smaller items that attach to, or augment in some way, the existing items in the game. We’ll be releasing a set of Augments in the near future, so keep an eye out for those!

After the Augments, we’ll also be releasing a set of completely new blueprints. Alongside the existing types of items (such as Weapons and Gizmos), these will include the aforementioned new type of print: Benedictions. These are rituals based in Faith or other Aberrant abilities. You can think of these as the successor to the old holy rites. A handful of these Benedictions have also made their way to a few games so far for testing!

With all these changes, we will also be editing the items on the buylists, to make sure everything works well together. I’ll let you guys know when these changes are put into effect.

Thank you guys for bearing with us as we get these updates rolling! I’ll be back soon with some more info for you all. Until then, stay safe and have fun!



Awesome! One thing I’ve noticed: the Goat Rough-Cycle’s basic/proficient/master effects still refer to the old names (ex. “Benefit does not increase even if you have more than one Crimson Clover.”) on both the PDF and in the databse.


Thanks! We will get that updated!

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A couple more things:

  • It looks like the Toothpiq Throwing Spike has the description of the Temple Room Checker.
  • Is the Proficient/Well Crafted level of the Bigol Personal Zeppelin now supposed to take 5 uncommon and 5 rare scrap? (I ask because stuff like that is usually basic scrap at basic level, uncommon at proficient, and rare at master, and this specific print was like that before.)
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I noticed that over the weekend with the zepplin. I’ll get it fixed.

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Antithesis Poison costs one more rare herb for the master version unlike every other poison. I believe this is a typo?

In the database curing and preserving a basic meal costs 2 fungel flour while preserving proficient and master meals cost salt components. I think this is a typo cause that would mean prevering basic meals would cost 2 resolve while preserving proficient and master meals only cost mind.

You just missed the [Obsolete] tags and the lack of P/M mechanics, the item is going to be a 1 step only.

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This should be 1 Fungal Flour, I’ll get it fixed.

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It has been fixed.

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Do the current saint wraps require the saint to tie someone up with basic malicious or can the questions be asked without having to tie them up?

To my understanding, each ability is used/exists separately unless stated otherwise, so no you would not, it’s a separate use/ability of the Master level gizmo.

There are no questions on the PFA ability of the Paradigm Resonance Wraps, however, to tie someone up does require Basic Malicious.

“Saint: Spend 20 Mind or 1 Resolve to place wraps over hands of a Target. Target has all fractures and mental effects (intoxication, mentally-altering disease symptoms, et cetera) on their person suppressed while tied up.”

The ability states “suppressed while tied up” which means for a Saint to be able to use this ability the target MUST be tied up. So as a Saint I can’t use this ability with out myself or a friend with basic malious nearby.

Items do not give skills, so you would be correct in that you would need to have Basic Malicious to tie someone up.