Blueprint Updates

Most recent Blueprint updates, all posted to: Blueprint Changelog — Dystopia Rising

All Death Brews prints have been adjusted to note that they cannot be made injectable by any means.

The Mechanical Airship Framework blueprint had a font size issue that had some words overlapping atop others, now fixed.

The Ship Yard blueprint has had the text of its Proficient mechanics further clarified.

The Wandering Healing Brew had incorrect ingredients for its Proficient level (the database version was correct) and that’s been corrected.


When can we expect Spicy Intoxication Brew, Green Fairy Healing Injection, and Helscape Deathmask to be fixed?

(Alternately, please remind me who I should send update/error requests to… Ope.)

If you let us know what the errors are we can take a look at either adjusting the database or adjusting the print.

Spicy Intoxication brew at master level requires Hibiscus, a townie herb. It does not specify how many Hibiscus, and the database does not mention Hibiscus.

Green Fairy Injection: The word “Add” is in front of Elitariat, not in front of the Ingredients. While it is amusing to add Elitariat to syringes, it is probably not what was intended.

Helscape Deathmask: The Master level no longer requires a Superior Necroinfluencer. In the database, it still does.

You can send typos and errors like that to me at

I’ll get those fixed.

We will now require Elitariats to be added to all syringes…


CHANGELOG: Fixed typographical errors in materials lists for Helscape Deathmask, Green Fairy Injection, and Spicy Intoxication Brew.

As a note, the phrasing ‘when can we expect these to be fixed’ suggests that these were errors previously noted. We’re just human, please tell us, we don’t know there’s a typo unless someone tells us!

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I’m sorry! I thought I had forwarded these months ago. I will definitely send you stuff as I find it.

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No worries!

You can email me directly or message me on discord with official DR foo like this.

So, these changes were for the printed copies and nothing in the online database has changed, is that correct?

Yes, the database had the correct materials for those prints.

Thank you, I appreciate it.

An additional entry has been made on the change log:

The Green Light Bioform Destabilizer was updated to not allow use of it’s PFA ability when fractured. ‘Spamming’ of this ability was never the intended use.


Some minor updates today