Caravan Map Clarification and Blueprint Update

We wanted to let everyone know that there was an issue with the Caravan Map from the Trade
Connections Buy List. Per the rulebook, gizmos may not be combined with other items unless specifically stated. The Caravan Map doesn’t state it stacks with other Caravan Maps. We have updated the wording on the Buy List to make this more clear.

There was also an update to the Green Light Cleaver. You can find that update on our Blueprint Changelog page (Blueprint Changelog — Dystopia Rising)


Re; Greenlight Cleaver
Is the 5 mind cost on basic a typo?
The database lists 10 damage for proficient, but the print says 5. Also a typo?

The database was not updated, the blueprint was. The database takes longer to update.

I don’t see a mind cost for Basic.

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Hup, we were looking at the cost to make it. thanks for clarifying.