Casting shifts and Expansion conditions

I’m hoping someone might be able to provide a bit more insight on this than I have been able to find. I continue to be confused by the instructions for shift soft limit and expansion. The instructions just say that the number ‘Y’ will grow if the expansion condition is satisfied, what is the expansion condition, how is this section properly used. If I missed some written documentation I would really appreciate a pointer to it, or if someone has utilized this a clearer explanation of how to set shifts with limits but allow them to grow if we get more players than expected. Thanks!

If I recall correctly, expansion is something like “85% filled”. So when that happens, all shifts increase simultaneously by their respective Z variable.

I, personally, usually set shifts to a rough baseline of how I want to fill the game, and when that expansion starts to occur I then manipulate the Y (denominator) numbers in case it expands in a way I don’t wish it to. As a smaller game, most of our local shifts have a Z value of 1, so that the already-small shifts expand relatively evenly.

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Here’s the explination I recieved from Gloria when I asked about this a while back

"Y is a “soft limit” that will “expand” under the right condition


E.g. one of the shift that you set up has Y = 6 . It will allow up to 6 players to sign up. It will stay that way until some conditions are satisfied, in which it will get bumped by Z amount. So the next time this shift gets bumped, it will have “soft limit” of 31. Then 56, then 81, and so on. Normally, Y is the same as Z. This shift config looks like it was copied from legacy config."

The condition for sifts expanding (also from Gloria)

"For NPC Shifts, they “expand” when:

there are less than or equal to 4 not-full NPC Shift slots (or, in other word, where players can still sign up for)
in that particular game, there are at least 4 NPC Shifts enabled.
For Cleanup Shifts, replace the number “4” with “2”.

Heuristic reasoning: a player can choose at-most 3 NPC shifts (6 hours NPC-ing) and 1 cleanup shift. The “4” and “2” are exactly 1 slot higher than the possible maximum.

“Special” shifts doesn’t count as NPC shifts."


Thank you for both of your insights those numbers were what I was looking for and unclear on. Much appreciated!

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