Clarification of Purchasing Tickets and Attending Games

Hi Folks,

We want to clarify something that came up over the weekend. A player may only play or purchase a ticket for one game per weekend. The only exception is if a player were to play/purchase a ticket for a travel game and then purchase a buyback ticket for their Home Branch Game.



Heard, thank you!

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As a clarification to that, does that mean that we are allowed to buy one (1) non-attending ticket for a travel game (i.e. not our home chapter) per weekend?

You can buy a ticket to any event/s that you physically attend, or a ticket to an online travel game.

You can in addition buy a non-attending ticket to your home chapter only.

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Are you allowed to buy a non-attending ticket to a National game and attend another game that same weekend?

Yes. All national games are available for non-attending and buy back.

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