Database Suggestion - Player-side character selection


I noticed that when printing check in character sheets, it even prints out sheets from players who aren’t using their secondary and tertiary character slots, but have maybe touched a single skill (like they don’t realize there are offline sheets, so they’re using them to test builds).

It’s a lot of paper that just ends up back in the trash.

I think giving Advanced Membership folks the ability to pick which characters they want to check in would be neat. If they decide to play their alt mid-game and they didn’t check in, they can just roll over to Public Works and check in really quick.

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I’m pretty sure checking a character in is what gives them XP, so I don’t know if it would necessarily be able to work that way, but something like this could be good.

Afaik, this already exists. Character slots can exist in the “staged” category, which means that they get xp from Check-in but cannot be played. They have to be placed there by Logistics, however. (I’ve got 2 of my character slots Staged and they’re still getting xp but they’re not playable and aren’t being printed).

That unfortunately doesn’t answer the request or concern above.

It’s the “I have 3 characters but only want to play one this weekend.” A slider/toggle that allows the player when checking in to set which character sheets are selected to print would be amazing from a logistics standpoint. It would save me scrolling and clicking off 50-150 character sheets every event.

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This feature is already baked-in in the new database. See demo screenshot below.
Yes, unfortunately you (as in the players) still have to indicate which sheets to print. But you do it at most once a week during checkin and it’s better than the current database.

ETA 2022 March.