Discussion about Genre Vehicles at Games

Good evening,

I am Andrew, and I play DJ named Dwayne Mathias Chaplin.
Lemme start out by saying that I am thankful that this community exists. It has driven me to from being a no nothing at IRL mechanics, to me working on my third post apocalyptic vehicle.

I am planning ahead for when in-person games resume. I would like to talk with staff to discuss the inclusion of genre’d vehicles at games.

I was lucky enough to bring my first vehicle “The Ratallaic” to a game in Indiana.

In person games were cancelled the month I was going to bring my next vehicle to game.

I was wondering if there is an official policy regarding vehicles on sites during games?
Are the even allowed?
Is that something that could be worked on while in person games are suspended?
Can they be driven on site with Marshall present? Just parked?
Can there be mods built around them?
Would owners who purchased extra insurance mitigate owners insurance obligations?

Personally I am not concerned about in game effects or whatnot I am more concerned with adding ambience and props.

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99% of the time, no vehicles on site. Talk to your local game runners.

Right, I understand that is the case. However i was looking for clarification as to why.

I saw several videos of a Army Transport truck at a DR event.

Talk to your local game runners for their policy.

That truck was super fun. It was also driven by the game owners, with extra insurance, at an extra insured event, on roads PCs were not allowed to be on. I would definitely encourage you to talk to your local game runners, as they may be operating under wildly different liability laws.

Much like a real knife at game, you don’t control the person leaping into it.

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Some games allow such vehicles to be parked on site as set pieces.

Some do not.

Talk to your local game runner, because it’s a matter of insurance, of site policies, et cetera. It’s nothing that can be determined globally.

I just came here to say that your vehicle looks awesome. I know that (the law/insurance permitting) as a player, I’d love to see that as a set piece in any DR game.

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Double check your spam folder, (Michigan) replied to it on Wednesday but maybe email was wonky.
(It was yes, but it must be parked in a certain place. Also reach out to staff prior for details ;))

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Thank you, i am going to edit my post here to reflect that.