DR Conviction- Update

Update: 12.22.2021 To Clarify-The Backbuy and extra build sales will not be supporting the Event Runner of mention.

To Our Community,
As of Friday, Dec 17, 2021 I have taken over the email requests for the DR: Conviction Event. We will be responding to them as quickly as possible, but I do ask for some time to get my team onboarded and a plan in place to best resolve questions and comments. I will note that many of the emails are regarding non-attending buyback and am happy to let you know that you can purchase that here: Conviction Back Buy — Dystopia Rising

We gave time to allow the event runner to proceed with handling the concerns, but after a time it became clear that the process was breaking down to the point that we have had to step in. At this point we will begin processing the refunds and discussions around all that is included with those we have received inquiries from thus far. Please contact us at drconviction@gmail.com.

Once the refunds are finalized and finished, I will be putting up another post outlining this event and what I have discovered regarding how it went. Until then, we will be focusing on making it right on an individual level, and then putting aspects into place which should help with future national events and how those will be handled going forward. Until then, please reach out to us and give us a modicum of patience. We are here to make the amends that need to be done.

Thank you,