DR Sheet Compilation Update


I made an update to my sheet amalgamation that I wanted to share with the community.

It has some neat features, like being able to put in your inventory and putting in a planner where the required items to build it are then pulled from your inventory. You can also check the blueprints and filter them. It’s not as intuitive as I want it to be, so if you want to add columns to the planner, you also have to drag the formula across the new columns

I hope it finds some use.

Thank you,

Kevin Gowrylow


This is super cool!

I am noticing a bug though. Looks like some of the prints aren’t properly populating crafting components in the table. For specific example, I just plugged in the MR Security system at master, and it picks up that you need lower levels and the generic scrap for them, but not the Iron Alloy or Superior Engine for the proficient and master levels respectively.

Oh, there was a distinction between alloy and alloy(s). I’ll have to discern where the differences are.

Well, looks like I need to update the buylist items while I’m at it.

There actually are some differences in the database itself it seems, I got a list sent in and I’ll be making changes to this Sheet so that it likes the item names and doesn’t bug out.

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I just made another update for my Sheet Compilation, this one is for a bunch of the online games. (No murder items added yet, probably this week)

Online Chapter Games (Bravado Bones, NorCal, WI, OR)

Dead Water

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And Online Chapters Game Sheet Compilation has been updated with the national game items