FAQ's and Errata

Happy Monday!

We have a couple of quick releases for you today. They’re pretty simple, and designed to aid in overall clarity of the game. Together, they’ll act as a handy quick reference guide for common questions.

The first of these releases is a Lexicon 3! This page is a list of terms that you may hear in the game, gathered all in one spot with specific definitions. Some of these are in various parts of the rulebook, some are in the threat books, and some are new- so we figured it would be helpful to put them all in one place! This doesn’t include every single term or skill in the books, but it’s a collection of ones that we’ve found to benefit the most from a bit of additional clarification or exposure. Lesser known threat skills like Defend, and new calls like Murder, are good examples of things on this list. The definitions on this page are the most up-to-date clarifications for each term, and if it’s updated from the rulebook at all, it will say so next to the term. This is a living document, and will change over time as needed to reflect new terms or updates.

The second of these releases is the Errata and FAQ 4 page! This page is also what it says on the box. The FAQ portion of the page deals with clarifications that are asked for on a very regular basis, or which may have common misconceptions floating around. Here, we do our best to clarify as concisely as possible the rules, mechanics, or other features in question. Unlike the terms defined in the Lexicon, these are things that are hotly debated or questioned enough that they have their own section for reference, to clear up any confusion as easily as possible. The Errata portion of the page, on the other hand, is where we’re going to list any updates or changes to the content of the rulebook going forward. Right now, the only thing on there is a slight change to the Upsurge mechanics- this page, too, will be updated as time goes on.

That’s all for now! Have a great week and stay safe out there.