[FL] Gaatlok

Gaatloks were created in the labs of the Trashlands with a collaboration of The Benevolent Association of Dead Folk and a group of Gatorlanders

the Gaatloks were created with intention of helping defend the Trashlands form an invading force.

Gaatloks were hopefully created with a bacteria that draws it towards major locations of trash and were created with pieces of different zed and other things here is what we used
Inside the head was put an Irradiated Psionic Crystal to make it irradiated and psionic
The torso was made with a torso of an fallen angel to make it resilliant
The arms were arms of shamblers
The Legs were legs of bursters to make it speedy
Inside the intestines was put Meltapede Blood to make it spew fire which might become irradiated because of the Irradiated psionic crystal

This is all we know at the current moment

Is this a… proposed creature? Or one encountered in a game?

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a zed created during the last FL online game