Imprimt Avontuur Map

A question about the intention of the newest print Imprint Avontuur Map. From what I recall about a post from Colt it was meant to allow Jones characters to do big dig adventures again, but… Avontuur PFA can’t use it in its current state. It requires master trailblazing and sailing (Which I think is great for trailblazers to get something more to use that skill on), but it doesn’t let Avontuur (Salvaging) request an adventure nor does it give any bonus’ for having the Avontuur PFA. I wanted to ask if this was intended and if so the whys.

To give a wider use for the 4-5 months the print is in play, to give a larger base of feedback based on how the players and the branches use it, so that when it goes to the standard “4 tier design” it has a wider “this is what we liked from it and this is what we didn’t”.

Save for the more tried and true AP sort of seasonal items (many of which things that had similar mechanics in 1-2.x) , most seasonals aren’t focused on the APs so they can get a wider base use. Once the base is set, scaling up to APs is much easier.

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Good answer! Thanks that clears some of the other prints that also didnt have PFA use. Though it still feels a bit like a slap to the face for Avontuurs to be unable to use the print that literally has their name on it. Well here’s to my hope that the deluge of characters (including me) who took Avontuur actually get to initiate these adventures when its updated.

Well, we can always just change the name of the print. :smiley:

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Sorry if it feels like a slap in the face.
However, if it does feel like a slap in the face, I gotta think that the people that are doing the slappin in your area got real delicate hands. :smile:


In seriousness. Its named that so we have a one to one match to when the print does come out (and the AP that goes along with it in this case).

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Who says their using hands :smirk:? (I dont even know what that means I just wanted a come back :rofl:)

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My biggest question is how are we to get the imprint crystals outside of a national event?

All the dives that happened at nationals was using the Abyssal Stitch procedure print which is how we got grave fern and imprint crystals. I believe the intention is for doctors to do the procedure to gather these materials

Depends on how the items are received and how the branches use them.

Some of the seasonal prints are going to die because of a lack of interest or local game support. Some of the seasonal prints will have their costs increased or decreased based on what the general individual “wealth” of the network is. Some of the seasonal prints will have their resources changed, and others will be linked to support materials.

The way they are right now is to make it so that the only way to get those items is at the national events so that if/when they become available for local branches to produce the resources to, it can adjust as needed. Right now we have them as a national event only item so that game 1 doesn’t give out 5 of them on modules and game 2 doesn’t give out 5,000 of them to all the people who sign up for their online event. So the national events currently control the release on them, and once the prints have response and feedback, it will adjust from there.

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Genuine inquiry, because I am very excited to see how these items work and interact with local plot, but how are we supposed to test them out if we don’t have any way to get the resources to build or use them outside of National events?

We’ve found a way around the lack of Mortis Fern to make HABC, but without access to Imprint Crystals we can’t really make any of the other items and the costs for buying them off of people who DO have them are going to be come incredibly high.

Just looking for some clarity.

I have no idea about other games, but AR has a local small ( that can produce an item (bone) that, iirc, can replace any named scrap in building. I don’t have any (to read the card), and I couldn’t find bone on the site to verify, but if that’s the case then other games could do something similar? It also means games that don’t want those items there yet would have limit to them (since only the national ones could be used at varius games), while games that want to try them out can introduce ways to make them (on local cards).


The Meat Cleaver Is cool, but that’s also rough that anything produced with that material would be required to be on a plot specific card all the way through to any finished project.

Except that it’s been clarified multiple times that we can only acquire them at national events and not through skill use.

Otherwise M Agriculture could farm up the Mortis Fern as well.

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I’ll still say it’s problematic and makes a playtest rather difficult.

Thanks for your feedback and opinions.
We will keep it in mind for the future.

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Just trying to give everything a fair shake and keep people involved.

I know tone can be lost over the internet, but the “we will keep it in mind for the future” is a very real sentiment that I am passing on to the the people who will be handling blueprints in the future.


Thank you.

I realize this thread is about two years old, but I wanted to follow up on this. Has there been any progress regarding how to get Imprint Crystals?