Inventory Issues

Who should I talk to, to get my digital inventory fixed. There were some additions by #9991 - Rob Admin from games I attended last year that made my inventory go all wonky. Like owning 48 vehicles wonky.

What is the best way to contact #9991 - Rob Admin?

Wide Back Trucks are the Psion Crystal producing buy list gizmos. While your number is high there, definitely not 48 actual vehicles.

Apologies I trying be a bit funny with the 48 vehicles claim, I’m aware they aren’t actually vehicles. Regardless I would like to get my inventory issues resolved.

Heyo @Raveb_Dieal ,

I am seeing something different in the character inventory. I see 48 uses (turning into crystals) of wide bed trucks left. If you divide by 6 (uses of each) is this aligning more to your records?

Anywhere in LIT where #9991 Rob Admin is seen:

#9991 Rob Admin” login did not enter those transactions. This is an admin login that 19K transactions were changed to to indicate that those transactions were entered by a small team of people helping branches that were behind in entering. Their personal player logins were changed to the admin login so that other players would not attempt to contact them directly as their service is complete.

This team entered the data they were given if it had enough information to be entered. Data could not be entered if it was missing item names, player numbers, or if player names, numbers or character names did not match.

Some protocols were made, by the branch owners.

  • event and plot specific items were not entered.
  • If no character name was listed the first character on the pull down list received or expended the item.
  • If no item level was listed, it was entered as basic level
  • enterers had no access to player lockboxes or inventories to ensure stock of items.
  • Currencies were entered as the currency listed in LIT in the quantities listed. LIT does not recognize denominations. example (10 labels, 10 Ales, 10 IPAs all had to be entered as 10 Monies)
  • Local OH/MA currencies gained or expended with game at Greenhouse were entered as ARKs or Tradenotes.

Each branch is responsible for their own event transactions in LIT and their reconciliation/corrections with players. Local branches could be setting up a system or way for players to contact them regarding LIT inventory and cards. If they have not done so already, it may be in the very near future.

I hope that this information helps make sense of some of the inventory entries associated with this login. Contact your local branch with any discrepancies or questions about inventories. Please be patient and recognize that this is new for everyone. We are all working on the transitions from virtual to live together and contacting the correct people with understanding of that and patience will go along way.

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Thank you very much for the explanation. That makes total sense. I totally understand that there are difficulties faced by having a new digital inventory system.

As for contacting Rob 9991; that would be me. One of the Database administrators and reports guy…

I’m getting it fixed with my chapters logisrics

@Cinder here is the thread you are looking for.