Item Database Search Request

Is it possible to add associated skills and item types as keywords to entries in the item database?

Like “standard” finds melee standards or “Social/Awareness/Faithful” pulls up items that use/require that skill.

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Not something that I want to work on right now, no.
Search is a high-effort feature that’s hard to reasonably test.

I understand.

I hope it’s something you might reconsider in the future and maybe put on a long-term plans list.

Especially as the print selection expands with new items and augments, I feel like it’s likely someone will have a harder time knowing the name of every item they might need to look up, and keywords would be very helpful in those situations.

I for one think it’s delightful that the tools we have are as good as they are, and that you’re able to prioritize staying interested over implementing features that feel like a grind to you :+1:

The large blueprint table/pdf that was released with the blueprint update would be the place to do those sorts of searches, I’d think, because one can just control+f. That’s as long as those documents are openly available/up-to-date, of course, and I’m not sure if they’re publicly hosted somewhere lasting besides FB at the moment.

DR New Blueprints with filter

Steve Myer created the original and I added the filters and with his permission along with mine, I wanted to share this with the community. The filters work on PC, but if you are on mobile, the second sheet tab should have the ability to filter out specific keywords too, it’s just less pretty.

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