[MI] Paladins of the Wasteland

Paladins of the Wasteland

We will give a voice to the voiceless.
We will bring hope to the hopeless.
We will stand for those who cannot stand for themselves.
When the hordes descend we will say to the huddled “You are safe.”
When the monsters come we will become the wall that protects you.
When people are in darkness we will be a beacon of light.
We are the Paladins of the Wasteland and there is hope.

Founded by the Sainthood Accensorite 313, the Paladins of the Wasteland are a mixed group of faiths, strains, and professions united by a shared desire to protect others and build a brighter future for strainkind. Based out of a camp near the mining town of Mourning Glory west of Motor City, their original group consisted of 313, the Rover sisters Salt, Shugga, and Lel, the Yorker Redwin “Red” Cobo, Wrenches the Diesel Jock, and the Merican Bando McLayne. In Mourning Glory they found a community eager to work together to build a home in the wastes and recruitment surged under the banner of the angel-winged lighthouse.

Loss and Reformation
When the message for aid at Doc Ottoman’s Workshop went out several Paladins answered the call but not all returned. 313 and Salt, two of the Paladins’ leaders, set out together but never arrived at the accursed workshop and have not been seen nor heard of since. Their loss left the Paladins without leadership as the Cosmic Horrors made themselves known across the wastes, and for a time it seemed as if their light might flicker and die out until the remaining Paladins pulled together and reformed the organization under new leadership. With renewed purpose the Paladins began to travel the Great Lakesea region, answering calls for aid and working to try and build up other settlements besides just Mourning Glory. Currently the Paladins are spread across the region, working in smaller groups to protect others and help build a brighter tomorrow.