Mountain Rifle

I have a card for a mountain rifle that says that it has the overpower ability. The database does not currently list this as an ability for that item. Did this change at some point? I tried searching the forum for mountain rifle, so if it’s someplace obvious, I missed it…


Thanks for the reply. Maybe there’s a different section of the forums that this question belongs in, then?

I don’t need clarification on what overpower does, I was asking about whether this keyword had been removed from the Mountain Rifle at some point, as it is not currently present on the Mountain Rifle entry in the database.

All two-handed gun, which includes the Mountain Rifle, should have Overpower. It’s not in the database because some keywords are not listed in the database. The blueprint contains the Overpower keyword on the weapon; it was not removed from the item.

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Ah OK. That’s confusing but I understand! Thank you for explaining it!