Multiple Damage Types

With the release of augments, I’d like to clarify something.

Can attacks have multiple damage types?

Obviously, Piercing strike itself removes other damage types (5 Townie Bane would become 5 Body, not "5 Body, Townie Bane as per the example in the book). But it’s not stated anywhere I’ve been able to find how multiple damage types interact. And with augments being released this is actually a possibility as there are now ways to add damage types, specifically body, to a weapon, without using piercing strike.

It’s been stated multiple times to me that you can’t combine damage types, which is fair, but I don’t see this anywhere outside of the Piercing strike definition, which seems to only apply to body, and is worded as a unique aspect of Piercing Strike

Augments have brought this from a theoretical situation to an actual interaction that is, as far as I can tell, unexplained.

Example – Bigol Sledge equipped with Thempire’s More Civilzed Weapon

Is the PFA call “Area of effect, 20 Body, Raider Bane, Stun Self Immune” OR “Area of effect, 20 Raider Bane, Stun, Self Immune”

(Spitballed answer; have not deep dived)

I don’t have a page source off-hand, but my understanding for quite some time now is that Damage Modifiers do not stack, and the Body Damage Modifier specifically trumps. This is reflected in the other areas of game design as well.

Bane is a separate thing, as it’s a type of damage and not a damage modifier. In this case, I would say that it’s AoE, 20 Body, which happens to also be Raider Bane.


A lot of my confusion about this comes from the fact that Piercing strike does actually refer to Bane as if it is a damage modifier, but reading the lexicon section Bane is listed as a damage Type and not a damage modifier.

So I’m guessing, that if what you said is correct, that Body trumps other damage modifiers, and Piercing Strike specifically removes all other types and modifiers from the call its used with.

Now that I’ve actually looked at the book, yes. The Piercing Strike skill specifically replaces the other modifiers.

But other things (items, critters, whatev) may have different calls that combine modifiers, which are explicitly written in a certain way.

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