Old Currencies?

I don’t suppose this is database-specific, but it’s where I got the information I’m asking about.

I’d copied the currency options for buylists about a month ago and someone pointed out that several of them didn’t exist anymore. Can anyone tell me which of these are no longer valid? Thanks!

  • Bison Buck (Pennsylvania)
  • BMC (Washington)
  • Brass (Texas)
  • Buck (Washington)
  • Byte (NorCal)
  • Card (Pennsylvania)
  • Cassette (Georgia)
  • Check (Oregon)
  • Chuck (Massachusetts)
  • Corn Husk (Pennsylvania)
  • Cred (New Jersey)
  • Day (Oklahoma)
  • Dollar (Virginia)
  • Gold Standard (Colorado)
  • Golden Card (Pennsylvania)
  • Iron (Indiana)
  • Lug Nut (Wisconsin)
  • Money (Ohio)
  • Over (Michigan)
  • Rat (Florida)
  • Stocks (Pennsylvania)
  • Stone (Arkansas)
  • Ticket (SoCal)
  • Trade Note (National)
  • Wager (New York))
  • Whiskey (Kentucky)

(Connecticut’s Scrim was not on the list at the time, nor was New Mexico’s Dobe but that may have been added since.)

Bison Bucks were never a real currency, but in general, Stocks are the Current PA Currency

I can only really talk to the Region 1 currency, But Stocks, Chuck, Wagers, & Cred are all the valid east coast ones, as well as Trade Notes for national

@Lauren_She_Her Is probably the best go to for this

Stone is still correct for Arkansas.

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Off the top of my head, this is the list of active currency…I will look up more tomorrow (or folks can chime in)
AR-Stone (Malakite and Pyrite)
CO-Gold Standard, Gold Bullion, Gold Bar
FL- Rat (new art)
GA- Cassettes
IN-Access Cards
KY-Whiskey (new art)
MA- Chuck (new art)
MI- Overs
NJ- Cred
NM- Dobe
NY-edit Wagers edit ( Req) (new art)
NorCal- Byte
OH- Ale, Lager, IPA
OK-Day, Week, Fortnight
PA- Stocks
PNW- Starbucks (WA) and the Check (OR)
SoCal- Ticket
TX- Brass
VA- Almighty Dollars
WI- Lugnut

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For NY it’s wagers, Req is just the short hand for our town setting =]

huh…someone should teach me that in character…lol

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So when are you visiting next? ^.^

looking at June :slight_smile:

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We’ve got Pyrite, Malachite, and Azurite

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The abbreviation for Virginia is VA and they are just Dollar’s now since Eden no longer exists.

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It is still the Almighty Dollar.

I stand corrected. That’s good to know.

The following from this list are no longer the currencies in circulation from the PA Game (to reflect previous true statements)

  • Card (Pennsylvania)
  • Corn Husk (Pennsylvania)
  • Golden Card (Pennsylvania)

And Bison Bucks were a long held player introduced currency, and are as legal for gameplay as the Piscis Expulsion Unit.



I still have a Bison Buck, which you can have for 20 wagers or a blood note.

As for the Pisces Expulsion Unit (Dystopia Rising: Evolved), there’s still no better way to get fish past the waterfall. If you find another item to help our fish get up the waterfall, you can deprecate the Pisces

(This reply is a joke, in case that’s not clear from context. Except the bison buck. I do have that, and would sell it)