Proficent faithful Bulwark ability

For the mechanics of the Prof bulwark shield ability:
“Spend 5 Mind to place shield on a Target in bleedout to prevent their bleedout count from progressing. Removing shield from the Target ends the effect.”

Do you need to stay holding the shield for the duration of the effect? Or can you release the shield as long as it stays in contact with them, so you could theoretically then use medical skills on them while their timer is paused.

In order to use an item and benefit from its effects you must be holding / wielding the item. In this case when you let go of the shield you would be ending the effect

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But there are items that use the terminology ‘place’ to mean “set down and let go of.”

See: “That Cursed Pitchfork”

I feel like the terminology being the same between them here causes significant confusion because I figured it worked the same way as the pitchfork


No worries, we’ll change the wording. Thanks!