Resource Request

I would like to request the following two items for module signup option.

  1. The ability to color code individual modules so that players can easily see what modules are narratively directly related to each other, or, to allow for color coding modules for content focus (depending on which is more important for the branch).

  2. The ability to assign different global signup caps for modules based on ticket sale options. This way we can offer less expensive tickets for people who just want to come RP online but maybe only can do 1 module and more expensive tickets for people who want to lock into more modules than others. This would allow us to have accurate income to cover the number of STs needed to run the needed number of module options.

(Big dreaming items to follow)

  1. A yelp review style and/or feedback system built into the database where players can give feedback on modules, chapters, and process issues for their home branch / games they attend. This will provide a greater transparency and safety to the network as a whole. If there were key areas where a 1-10 feedback could be given it would let the owners know what they might need to work on, what is working well, and also provide clear focus on “GAME A does A,B,C, and D really well but doesn’t focus on X,Y,Z as much. XYZ is what is important to me, so maybe I should not attend that game.”

@gloria @BigKyle

  1. Content focus has been on backlog for a while. The project codename is Storyline
  2. This is gonna be a rabbit hole unless we can come up with a firm definition of “signup caps” and a well-defined category of “less expensive tickets”. The current app won’t be able to handle this types of tickets, however.
  3. Believe it or not, this is the simplest out of the three.

However, we’re on feature-freeze until the new app launches.

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Suggest firm definition:
The same way that there are shifts that are assigned with tickets, adding “signup” as a variable that can be assigned to a ticket. This becomes the global cap for the person signing up for modules instead of the global cap being defined on the module data entry page.