Safety Testing of Mega XL

Mega XL came out a little while ago and I was curious if the projectile team has or is planning on conducting safety testing for these on par with what was done for all the other Dart types?
Also to my fellow DR Nerf nerds, do you see any potential in the ammo type?

I think there’s a good case for those blasters to rep Exotic Weapons, but at the same time I’m a big believer in community safety standards and don’t want to use something before it’s been given the green light.

While our Nerf Safety Gurus :tm: have not yet had the time to formally test the Mega XLs, I have talked to them and they’ve said that they don’t see any reason they won’t pass - the guns have a lower fps than others, and the projectiles are both larger and softer than the others.

As ever, ask your local gamerunner, but they should be A-OK.


I took some new blasters to the last Arkansas event. The Mega XL Boom Dozer passed safety check.

The nerf Hyper blasters did not pass safety check. And the Adventure Force Nexus Pro did not pass safety check.

NERF Hyper rounds are dangerous AF, and should never be used in a situation without eyepro IMO.

They have not been officially tested by National but our testers took a look at them and gave us an unscientific ‘oh god no’.

Yeah I wouldn’t feel fine getting shot at by hyper without eye protection. Not to mention the nightmare that would be picking up all of those teny tiny balls rubber balls.

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My new revolver shoots in the 120s with approved 1/2 sized darts. Had my wife shoot me in the back through my t shirt at 15 feet and this is the welt it left. My former revolver, a Tehoosen, has a MAX range of 8 meters (meaning at least 1/4 that fps) but fires darts that are 0.13 mm less in diameter than the 1/2 size darts. It failed last game for that reason but I had my wife shoot me in the face with it at 15 feet and could barely feel it. It just bothers me that I now have to hurt my friends because of a rule change.

Each game should be doing safety testing for every weapon brought in front of them.

If your new gun leaves welts like that at 15 feet, I imagine it’d fail.