Shambler (Endless Horde)

-no distinguishing features
-slow & clumsy

While Shamblers are the most common & easily the least dangerous zed, they are still very deadly if you make any mistakes.
It’s important to keep all zed out of range of you, moreso the shambler due to their tendancy to to cling & take you down, easily making you food for the horde. If you only have a small weapon on hand, it may be best to leave the fighting to longer, safer weapons. When you’re alone don’t be afraid to run and sound the alarm rather than take one or two on yourself only to end up getting overwhelmed: where there’s one shambler there’s likely more.
If you find yourself in a situation preventing you or others from running or getting help with a horde you can’t handle, your best bet may very well be to stay still and quiet, doing your best to hide. You dont have to be skilled at hiding, these zed aren’t good at finding people, and as long as you arent directly in their path and they havent spotted you yet, stay quiet and out of sight to stay safe from a wandering mass.