Skills Purchase Lists 12.06.2021

Happy Monday, everyone!

When we released the updated blueprints a couple months ago, I mentioned that we had also been working on some similar edits to the buylists. These edits are now complete! Much like with the prints, these changes range from small language adjustments to full reworks. You can view the new buylists here.

A few notes on how some of these changes are going to work! You may have noticed that some items have had their mechanics changed, while others have been removed altogether. Here is how these will be handled moving forward.

For items that still exist, but have been changed: The items that currently exist in the system, and have been purchased up until this point, will be grandfathered in with their original mechanics. For items written on physical cards, this means that nothing is changing- the card will remain as-is, and it will be torn up/turned in when it is either used or expired. For items currently in LIT, this is going to be accomplished slightly differently. Items from the buylists that were purchased before the update will have their name on the database changed to say [Item Name]: Legacy. For example, Lock Popper: Legacy. This is our way of signifying in LIT that an item is being grandfathered in with the old mechanics. Going forward, items bought off of the buylists and entered into LIT will not have “Legacy” attached, and these will have the new mechanics. If an item needs to be cashed out onto a physical card, this is how we tell which version of the item it is.

For items that have been removed altogether: These items, if you own them, will continue to exist until used or expired. However, they can no longer be purchased. So if you have one of these, don’t worry- they’re not being removed from your inventory. But no more of them will be put out into the world. For example: The Wide Back Truck. This is the same for carded items and LIT items.

Something else to keep in mind: These lists can be altered by your directors if they so choose. If there’s an item they want to limit or remove from their game for a plot reason, for example, that’s something they’re able to do. So if the buylists you see in your home game are slightly different from these, or you see an item missing, don’t worry!

A word on expirations, while I’m at it- Our item expiration clock will be resuming in January of 2022. This was announced a while back, but I figure I’d bump that information back up to the top since the new year is quickly sneaking up on us. This is also going to apply to all those old buylist items, and as an additional word- all legacy versions of buylist items will be expiring no later than the very end of 2022.

Here’s the graphic on expirations again, so you guys don’t have to scroll too far on this blog:
Original Expiration New Expiration
03/2020 01/2022
04/2020 02/2022
05/2020 03/2022
06/2020 04/2022
07/2020 05/2022
08/2020 06/2022
09/2020 07/2022
10/2020 08/2022
11/2020 09/2022
12/2020 10/2022

Thank you all for your patience as we get this content out- augments are next! For those of you heading to an event this weekend, have fun, stay safe, and happy holidays!



Wanted confirmation on whether Consumed Brew: Single Use (x1): Rover Tea and Consumed Meal: Single Use (x1): Pocket Cheese were purposefully not given the (Counts as brew or meals for all mechanical purposes) tag.

Previously these were gizmos that functioned as a brew or meal, now they are actually a brew/meal so no longer need the distinction.

As a heavy user of buy lists, as well as a heavy economics player, I want to speak up for saying that I really like these changes. There was a lot of stuff on there that unbalanced economics and this looks much better while still being useful. Even aside from fixing the basic scrap problem completely.


Is the Master Criminal Influence list still intended to have the Questionable Shipment of Infectious Materials (Master Ag Produce)?

Is the Master Sailing list Captain’s Order intended to not require Master Standard (or maybe Piercing Strike?) to use the skill/effect (that is explicitly better than all other Master Standard effects, going so far as to basically be an augmented standard with a Melee Small effect)?

Is the Master Trade Connections list Merchant’s Shotty intended not to require Master Projectile (or maybe Takedown?) to use the skill/effect?

Are we able to drop skills for those buy list that carry things we can no longer use without buying another skill to use them?

You will want to reach out to your local, Home chapter in regards to skill-dropping/otherwise modifying your sheet due to these changes. The specifics may vary.