Tank (Endless Horde)

  • large & in charge
  • slow, but strong

These monsters are easy to spot if there is one – their intimidating size and bulk breaks the relatively flat silhouette of your normal horde. Say you aren’t in good visual range of a horde, you’ll still know if a tank is nearby – and found something it wants – by the loud roar they produce.
I’d never encourage fighting one alone. Thankfully, even though they are large, their stride is not long enough to compensate and tanks are easily avoided with even a brisk walk if you’ve got nothing else to run from. Just don’t expect a door to stand between a tank and you if it’s decided you’re it’s next meal. Their size isn’t just for show: once one has finally made it’s way to something it wants, it’s probably going to break whatever’s in it’s way.
It’s best to keep moving to find help until a tank is dealt with if you aren’t one of the fighters or a medic pulling out those with smashed in faces: you don’t want to be collateral when that thing is swinging it’s massive arms around. If you are a fighter, make sure you can block really well & dodge if you plan to be in it’s face, your armor won’t help - even if it’s still in tact - if the tank puts its weight into a blow. Longer weapons are a boon here, the more you can stay out of reach, the better off you are. Tanks are a tough fight, but if a town pulls together and fights intelligently, they can be handled to prevent further destruction.