What items can be taken during a characters death phase

I was reading the rules for the game and saw during the death phase items could be taken. I was curious what they exactly players can take during that time.

Before they sink? Anything that doesn’t specifically say it can’t be taken from the person.

So pretty much any of your prop weapons and your clothes cant be taken, but your ammo and other things can.

Your props and such won’t be taken normally (without your consent - often with weapons or shields, and sometimes other props, people will hand them over with a reminder to return them at the end of the game) but they can take item cards (which all items in the game have).

Now, it’s important to keep in mind that stealing things off someone’s body is a CvC action – and therefore follows all the rules about CvC.

(Ammo isn’t an item card, so they couldn’t take that. They COULD take your gun item card, though, preventing you from shooting until you got a new gun.)